Roasted Pork Rolls

Meat rolls are one of our favourite dishes, especially if those rolls are filled with two kinds of meat. One is cooked and smoked clod which gives it a smokey taste, and the other one is minced meat with some mushrooms. It was baked in a romertopf bowl for almost 2 hours and the result.. well, everyone has to taste this gorgeous dish.

Ingredients for 5
5 big slices of pork ham meat
25 dkg minced pork chop
20 dkg cooked and smoked clod
25 dkg mushroom
1,5 kg potato
2 eggs
3 cloves of garlic
ground paprika
pork lard

The filling
The first thing that had to be done was to soak the romertopf in water. Without this it could crack during baking. The minced pork was ready to fry, so we put it into a frying pan, added salt and fresh grounded pepperand we cooked it for 10 minutes  on medium fire. We than chopped the smoked clod and the previously cleaned mushrooms to as small pieces as we could. Both of them were fried the same time as we fried the minced pork previously (about 10 minutes). The cooked clod did not need any salt only some pepper, but the mushrooms needed both. When all the three ingredients were ready, we mixed them with 2 eggs and 3 cloves of pressed garlic.

Pork meat filling

We tenderized the slices gently and put a thick layer of filling on top of them. It looked like it was going to be impossible to roll the slices, but it was not so hard, just needed a lot of toothpicks to fix the rolls everywhere. We emptied the clay pot and lubricated it with pork lard.

Raw meat rolls

Baking the rolls

We put the covered romertopf into cold oven and turned the fire up to medium. After 50 minutes, we added the potatoes which had been mixed with fresh rosemary. It needed another 30 minutes in the oven, then we removed the cover and put it back to toast it a little more.

Half made pork roast roll

When it was ready, we removed the toothpicks from the meat rolls, and cut them. Then we mixed the gravy with ground paprika and one spoon of flour. For the side dish, we made potatoes with parsley. It was easy, just needed to chop the potatoes, cooked them for 5 minutes, and then fried it in a pan on medium fire for 10 more minutes.

Ready pork roast rolls


While we were browsing the new releases in Google All Access we have found Myra. As it turned out, the band is based not too far from us, they are from Germany. Their new album – called Valley – is their third in the row. They merged trash metal with hardcore and what came out is epic guitar riffs with powerful drums  and lyrics. All the songs on this album have the pure energy and the tunefulness what makes it a “must have” piece. The only bad experience was noticing that Google music broke again and offered pop bands as related artists.. shit happens sometimes, but anyway, here is our favourite track from this album, a masterpiece: Blind. Enjoy!

Pork roast roll

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