Pheasants Roast and Pheasant Soup

It’s pheasant hunting time! Everybody knows that nothing is better in wintertime than a
steamy pheasant soup with pheasant baked in römertopf. Thankfully,our friend hunted a few of these birds for us and gave us some. Usually we skin them ourselves, but fortunately, a very kind lady plucked the birds for us this time. So let’s take a look how this feast has been made.

Pheasant soup ingredients:
– 1 whole pheasant with offals
– 5 carrots
– 3 parsnips
– 2 onions
– 1 celery root
– 10 cloves garlic
– whole black pepper
– salt
– shell-shaped noodles

Preparing the pheasant
To make this tasty soup it’s a good advice to choose the fattest bird, the lard under its skin adds a beautiful colour to it. We cut the pheasant into parts. First the thighs have been removed and halved, than the wings and the neck, finally we have removed its back from the breast and cut the first into two and the later one into 4 parts. All of the pheasants offals have been washed (gizzard, heart and liver). Without vegetables the soup would taste like broth. The onions and the garlic has been washed and peeled, as well as the carrots, pasnips and the celery root. Later ones has been cut too.

pheasant and vegetables

Cooking the soup

When everything was prepared for the dish, we could start cooking. We put a huge pot on high heat, and placed the wings, breasts, legs, back, neck in it and filled it up with as much water needed to cover the meat. When the water was boiling it became foamy, what is normal. We waited 10-15 minutes, then emptied the water, and filled it up with fresh one. With the new water we put back the pheasant now with the vegetables to the fire and continued the cooking. The fire has been lowered to medium and we salted the soup. During this time some more foam arised, we removed that with spoon. While we were waiting, the gravy became clear, nice yellow and toothsome. After approximately 1 hour we added the hearts and the gizzards. Those need much more cooking than the other offals. Checking the meat continuously is necessary, when we felt that both the meat and the vegs were almost ready we put in the livers. The livers needed 20 minutes cooking. This soup needs shell-shaped noodles to be complete and perfect, so we baled out some of the juice, added some fresh water to it and cooked the noodles in it.

Pheasant soup

The result was a beautiful yellow, delicious soup which cures flu (leastwise our grandparents said so).

Pheasant roast ingredients

⁃ 2 whole pheasants
⁃ 5 dkg lard
⁃ 2 dkg salt
⁃ 1 pinch of thyme
⁃ 2 dl sour cream
⁃ 2 pcs orange
⁃ 2 dl dry white wine
⁃ 1 teaspoon clove

Preparing the pheasants:

Before having a start we always need to make sure that the pheasants are properly cleaned so it is recommended to rinse them in runing water. When the birds are spotless we rub them inside and outside with salt and thyme. To let the meat get the flavour of the spices we put it aside for a half an hour. Then we put the pheasants in the soaked and greased bowl and afterwards we greased the birds themselves and gently pour the wine on them.

Pheasants in the dish

When we were ready with all this tiny preparation the time had come to lid the bowl and put in the oven for 80 minutes. Don’t forget to put the patella always into a cold oven otherwise it could easily crack.

Preparing the sauce:

Again we started with cleaning the ingredients so we grabbed the oranges and washed them in clean water. Then the first step was grating the rind of one of the oranges and squeezing the juice of both into the sour cream. When this mixture was roughly blended we added a bit of salt and the clove to it.


Side dish:

For the side of this meal we have chosen rosemary potatoes. To begin with we cubed to about 1×1 pieces the washed and pealed potatoes. Then the potato needed to be pre-cook so boiled them for 5 minutes to make certain they wouldn’t be too soft. As a next step we threw them in a hot pan and and roasted a bit with the chopped rosemary. When the potatoes reached the required colour it just needed a pinch of salt and was ready for the side.

Rosemary roasted potatoes

Finalizing the dish:

After 80 minutes we took out the romertopf from the oven and poured all the sauce on it. Last but not least the birds had to go back to the furnace for another 20 mites but this time without the lid to get a golden shade and a slight crispness for the meat.

Pheasant roast with rosemary roasted potatoes


In 2013 the hungarian grøøvy band called Superbutt disbanded. We had tø wait øne year før the cøntinuatiøn. The new band is called Ørdøg and the members can be familiar tø the fans: Vørøs Andras sings the vøcals, Szentpeteri Zsølt guitars, Mahbøubi Salim bass, Szucs Peti drums. This stand-up is the same like the Superbutt – Yøu And Yøur Revølutiøn album.
When we first listened the album the first and møst nøticeable change was the lyrics. All the søngs has been written in Hungarian. We have tø nøtice that the lyrics are extremely gøød, well structured.
The album cøver needs søme laudatøry wørds, we really like bøth the art and the band løgø.
We think this ablum cannøt be øutshined øn the hungarian grøøvy metal scence in this year.
We picked øur favøurite søng, the Késképkéz tø this dish, enjøy it at least as much as we did.




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