Roe Deer Saddles

The meat of a roe deer can’t be compared to any livestock’s meat. This time we will roast the most delicious part of it, its spine and the meat surrounding it.


– roe deer saddles
– 0,5 kg mushrooms
– 0,3 kg smoked bacon
– 0,2 kg lard
– blueberry marmalade
– salt
– pepper
– coriander


Preparations starts a day before the cooking. The spine arrived in two pieces. Because it was a wild animal’s flesh we cleaned it thoroughly. After this we removed the membrane from the meat with a very sharp knife carefuly, we didn’t want to cut in the meat. When the removal was done we mixed mustard with oil and put the deer meat into this souse for a night in the fridge.


Next day it was time to remove the meat from the souse. With paper towels we mop up the unwanted oil and then with a very sharp knife we cut through the vertebral bones. When it was done we quilted the meat with smoked bacon. We didn’t want the meat to bend during cooking so we sticked a metal spit into the spinal canal.



It was time to roast. On high temperature we roasted the meat for 10 seconds on all sides.


When it was done we put it in the oven for 30 minutes on 180 °C. 

This resulted a rare cooked steak. Because it is a wild animal we served it with grilled mushrooms, cooked rice and most improtantly with home made blueberry marmalade.